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History - Hotel Colonial

First Period


Urgellés Family

The history of Hotel Colonial begins around 1940 with the initial concept of Catalan Antonio Urgellés, a skilled Spanish furniture maker who migrated to Costa Rica with his wife Antonieta Ferrer in 1904.

This celebrated furniture maker had a vision: to establish the renowned Urgellés furniture store and to build a family home in Spanish Colonial Revival style in the heart of San José. For this project, he hired architect Víctor Sabater and engineer Federico Jiménez.

Colonial Revival Architecture Style

Beginning of the Construction

For the construction, the finest materials were imported. A combination of mixed brick and handcrafted iron, along with refinements to precious woods, was employed.

Imported materials

Main Facade

The main facade was built with stone cladding, a material that extended to the front garden where Solomon columns are featured, whose molds were specifically made for this house.

Indoor Spaces

Living and Dining Room

In the living and dining area, as well as on the terrace, one can observe the mahogany beams and corbels, entirely hand-carved in Don Antonio’s furniture shop, as well as the frames of each arch that separates these spaces. The main door, as well as the garage door, were finely hand-carved, a task that took several months.

Decades of Conservation

End of Urgellés Period

From the 1980s to the 2000s, Don Antonio’s daughter, Laura Urgellés, undertook conservation efforts to preserve the architectural value of the home. The family house then became Art Gallery 452 and later served as the headquarters for the National Youth Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Nacional de Juventudes), a public institution aimed at being an educational center for young people.

Second Period


Vargas Family

Mr. Eddy Vargas, visionary and father of 8 children, acquired the Urgellés family home in 2002 and transformed it into an elegant hotel.

A New Vision

Birth Of Hotel Colonial

From that moment, the hotel construction project began. Under the guidance of Architect Fausto Calderón and Engineer Carlos Granados, Eddy Vargas meticulously oversaw every detail of the process to ensure that the new construction remained faithful to the style of the original house.

New additions, same style

Hotel Construction

During this period, the terrace and pool were added, and new rooms were built, imbuing the hotel with a more inviting atmosphere for its future guests.


Grand Opening

Hotel Colonial opened its doors to the public in May 2005 as a Bed and Breakfast with a total of 17 rooms, including 16 standard rooms and 1 junior suite (which was the main room of the house).

Ever since its grand opening, the hotel became a destination for world travelers seeking a cultural immersive experience.


Hotel Colonial Today

Hotel Colonial entered its contemporary redesign phase in 2015. During this time, room furnishings and other changes were made to give visitors a more updated stay. Then, in 2018, Restaurant Casa Colonial 452 was established with the aim of creating a unique culinary experience for guests and the general public.


For more than 19 years, Hotel Colonial has welcomed visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, United States and more.

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